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Lemon Custard Recipe


Lemon Custard Recipe

Allow me to present a self-made sweet delight which is not only easy to prepare but also enjoyable to eat; lemon custard. You can make this tangy smooth dessert in just five minutes for any event. This particular type of custard is very refreshing because it has citrus flavor and smooth feel that will leave your taste buds asking for more. If you need a quick fix dessert when unexpected guests show up at your door step or simply desire something light yet satisfying after supper time, then this recipe should be what you are looking for.


The greatness of this lemon custard lies in its simplicity. It does not require much effort and it tastes wonderful too! With only a few basic ingredients that are usually found in every kitchen, you can create an amazing dessert without hassle or compromising on the quality. Eggs, sugar, milk and lemon juice from the pantry will enable one to produce patisserie-like sweets right within their own houses.

This quick and easy lemon custard is not just very flexible. You can serve it alone as a light, refreshing dessert or use it as the foundation for other sweet things. For instance, you may put layers of it between cake slices to give a new twist to an old trifle recipe. Alternatively, you can spoon it over fresh berries for an elegant parfait or fill tarts and pastries with this filling. In any case you prefer eating this dish, its tangy taste and creamy consistency will definitely amaze you.


If you are a beginner cook who wants to learn more about cooking or an experienced baker who needs some simple yet elegant ideas for desserts, then trying out this homemade lemon custard is worth considering. It takes only five minutes to prepare and uses few basic ingredients but delivers on both presentation and flavor. So don’t hesitate! Take your whisk together with saucepan – let them work their magic producing heavenly smoothness filled with sunny citrus flavors!



– 1 cup whole milk

– 4 egg yolks

– 1/2 cup granulated sugar

– 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice

– 2 tablespoons cornstarch



Prepare the Ingredients: Get everything you need for the recipe. Take out the egg whites and separate them from the egg yolks. Measure out the sugar, lemon juice, milk and cornstarch.

Whisk Egg Yolks and Sugar: Combine granulated sugar and egg yolks in a saucepan until well mixed together and slightly lighter in color. This step adds air to the mixture making it a bit lighter when cooked as custard.

Add Lemon Juice and Cornstarch: After mixing sugar with eggs, pour freshly squeezed lemon juice into the same pan followed by cornflour. Whisk continuously until lump-free consistency is achieved.

Gradually Add Milk: As you keep on stirring with your whisk, slowly pour whole milk into this mixture – take care not to introduce lumps at any point during this process. Ensure that all ingredients are fully incorporated through whisking them together.

Cook the Custard: Put saucepan over medium heat still whisking without stopping. Cook until thickens about 3-4 minutes being careful not to let boil or else curdles might form.

Prepare the custard: Set a saucepan on medium heat and keep stirring the mixture. Continue cooking until it thickens, usually around three to four minutes. Take care not to let it boil as this may cause curdling.

Serve or refrigerate: When the custard reaches your preferred thickness, remove from heat. You can serve it immediately while still warm or cool in refrigerator for several hours to set more firmly.

Garnish and serve: For added flavor and presentation, garnish lemon custard with fresh berries, sprinkle of lemon zest or dollop of whipped cream. Serve alone or use as filling for tarts, pies or other desserts. Enjoy!

This recipe creates an incredibly smooth and tangy lemon custard that will satisfy any sweet tooth in just five minutes.

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